The next WISWOS event is taking place Thursday the 16 June 2016 at the Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, University of London


Following on from the last WISWOS event Educating Girls on Sound we are delighted that Lisa Busby and Steph Horak of Goldsmiths are bringing WISWOS to London. Steph played a strong role in the development of a workshop for young girls in sound on the 22nd of April as part of WISWOS’s goal to make visible, women in sound.

As part of the overall goal of WomenINONSound Goldsmiths, through Busby and Horak, are now exploring the theme Sound, Education, Experience, and will focus on the visibility of women in sound practice and music technology. We hope that we will be able to identify major challenges and trends for women in the field and how we can best support each other; but also celebrate and strengthen the existing, fruitful and diverse network of women across London working with or in sound.

We are also delighted that Dr Liz Dobson will presenting a keynote on her research and work with the Yorkshire Women’s Sound Network.

The full programme is available HERE

The days timetable

Times Event Place
10:00-18:00 Open exhibitions of sound works across two listening rooms Electronic Music Studios
Featuring 30+ women from across the UK and Europe
1030-1230 Synth building workshop for local secondary school and HE students RHB 167
Led by Ewa Justka and Tara Pattenden
13:30-18:00 Afternoon programme of talks and discussion RHB 274
13:30 Welcome and Opening Comments  [Lisa Busby]
13:45 Performance of three scores by Catherine Clover
14:00 Keynote presentation by Liz Dobson
14:30-15:30 Papers
Magz Hall – Radio art and pushing against gender assumptions of electronic ‘tinkering’ as a male preserve
Cláudia Martinho – The sonic space as vibration
Julia Eckhardt – Q-O2 research on the influence on gender and sex on a sounding practice
15:30-16:00 Break
1600:16:45 Shared Autoethnographic Perspectives [Chair – Annie Goh]
Lydia Luke – All the times I was told no
Emma Winston – Don’t Make Me Go Outside: Feminine melancholy, recovery, and rejecting resilience through electronic music
16:45-17:30 ‘Women, grassroots, and DIY’ Panel Discussion [Chair – Lisa Busby]
Panel guests – Rose Dagul, Vera Vidal, Ingrid Plum, and Cristina Ramos González
17:30-18:00 Closing Comments and Discussion: Feminist technological utopias, Chair – Patricia Alessandrini
18:00-18:30 Break
18:30-20:30 Evening Concert Programme RHB 167
Featuring: Una Lee, Leanne Cunningham, Ellie Rusbridge, Lydia Luke, Lia Mice and Nour Emam [Host – Steph Horak]